How to apply

Application Procedure

International students applying for a Student Visa for Australia must first receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the Education Provider before they can submit their visa application.
To receive your COE and apply for a Student Visa, complete the steps as follows:

1. Complete, Sign and Return the Enrolment Form

Download Enrolment Form here
The International Admissions team will review the enrolment form and supporting relevant supporting documents and to confirm academic and english language requirements have been met as well as determine eligibility requirements for a student visa. Any RPL (recognition of prior learning) and course credits will be assessed by the academic team at this time.
For more information on English Language Requirements

2. Receive an Offer

Should all requirements be met, students will receive a Letter of Offer and Student Agreement.This temporarily secure a student’s placement within the course whilst the student’s application and payments for course and health cover are confirmed.
Should a student not meet all the enrolment requirements, a Conditional Letter of Offer may be issued that allows for more time for the student to meet all requirements.

3. Acceptance of Offer

In order to accept an offer, students need to complete, sign and date the Student Admissions Agreement second on the last page of the student’s Letter of Offer. Once signed this must be returned by email to SAE International Admissions:
Please be sure to read the SAE policies and procedures 

4. Finalise Enrolment

A students study placement is confirmed when they receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). In order to receive a COE,students must:
Provide any supporting documents that have been requested to SAE International Admissions. Please note, a skype or telephone interview may be required
Make payment of minimum upfront payments as indicated in the Offer letter
Arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC),or authorise SAE to do this on your behalf
Email a copy of the payment transaction receipt to International Admissions
For more information regarding the application and enrolment process please contact the International Admissions team.